#OEP-01 Orval’s EZ Pull and Buoy System



Simplifies the work of lifting and pulling up heavy anchors and crab pots!



This new concept in anchor/crab pot pullers makes lifting and pulling up heavy anchors or loaded crab pots a breeze! It’s the patented open side-slot and line-locking mechanism that allows snap-it on and snap-it off control. Saves you time, effort, and money and most importantly is a much safer way to pull in your anchors and crab pots.


When anchoring there is no threading and holding a line lock open. Just play out your anchor line then snap Orval’s EZ Pull™ and buoy on to the anchor line. Toss buoy and puller in the water. At the end of the day pull your line in, snap Orval’s EZ Pull™ off and set it aside for another day.

Buoy, chain, and line sold separately in the dropdown above. The buoy is a Polyform size A2 and has a buoyancy of 68 lbs. The chain is galvanized and the anchor line is 3/8 inch double braid nylon rope.

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