About Us

Eric Jungblom, owner of LeeLock Anchor Systems, was born into a family of fishermen. “Hauling in kings and silvers from the ocean and steelhead and other trout from the rivers and lakes alongside my father, grandfather, and uncle was my favorite thing to do. When I got a little older I took up fishing with drift and power boats in the big rivers but I often had some kind of trouble with the anchor and line and that wasn’t very safe. I realized we needed a simpler and safer system to manage anchors and boat accessories and I set out to develop it.”

“As a kid I was constantly in hot water for taking my bike apart just so I could put it back together again. I was always building, inventing and tinkering with machinery.” Later his first car replaced the bike as a fascinating object to be disassembled and improved. “A friend and I, working in my garage, designed and produced the first LeeLock Line Lock. After several fishing trips we were pretty sure we had a good unit. We made quite a few and asked fishing buddies if they’d like to give them a try. After months of use and plenty of positive feedback it was clear the LeeLock Line Lock was a safe, easy and reliable product. I knew it needed to be shared. I had no intention of starting a business, I just liked to invent things!” His experience, curiosity and creative problem solving skills made him a natural to invent the most reliable, safe and user friendly anchor systems on the market today.

LeeLock Anchor Systems Catch

Leelock Anchor Systems was started in 2008 with one patented product: the LeeLock Line Lock, and there was no turning back. “After the creation of the Line Lock Unit I incorporated it into an extensive line of products for power boats, drift boats and inflatable boats. After the Line Lock was in use I designed a universally interchangeable system that allows boat owners to easily and quickly change their anchor system accessories depending on their fishing and boating needs.” Presently the universally interchangeable systems are being used by guides throughout the U.S. and Canada.

LeeLock Anchor Systems is located in Ferndale, WA. “All the materials I use come from the U.S. and the products are manufactured and assembled right here in the shop. It’s very important to me that LeeLock Anchoring Systems and Accessories are made in the U.S.A.” Eric Jungblom, owner.

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