Cleaning Dungeness Crabs with the LeeLock Crab Cracker

Posted on Oct 27, 2021 in Testimonials

Dungeness crabs are among the most delicious seafood in the ocean and are sought after up and down the west coast for their sweet, mild meat. The LeeLock Crab Cracker makes measuring and cleaning these delicious crustaceans a simple task. It’s made of anodized aluminum so it won’t rust despite exposure to saltwater. It’s also extremely easy to keep clean.   First measure the crab to confirm it’s of legal size. Depending on where you are crabbing—Washington, Oregon, California, Alaska or Canada—the minimum legal size for male Dungeness crabs differs. The LeeLock Crab Cracker allows you to accurately measure crab carapaces with four different measurement markers: 5 3/4”, 6”, 6 1/4” and 6 1/2” assuring your crabs are legal regardless of your location.   Next place it across a five-gallon bucket to crack the crab in half with a swift blow from the palm onto the carapace. This instantly kills the crab and cleanly separates the guts and carapace from the two crab clusters. The guts and shell pieces fall neatly into the bucket. A few shakes of each cluster into the bucket removes the last of the inedible parts and leaves you with two clusters ready to be cooked. Cooking clusters rather than whole crabs optimizes space in your cooking pot so you can cook twice as much crab in the same amount of time and avoid the messy hot job of pulling shells and guts out of whole cooked crabs. This is by far the easiest way to clean Dungeness crabs.   The LeeLock Crab Cracker is the only tool you need to measure and clean Dungeness crabs. The LeeLock Crab Cracker is the perfect tool for the job.     Check out this video of the Crab Cracker in action.  ...

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Inventors are Fishermen

Posted on Jan 14, 2015 in Testimonials

What I will say about the LeeLock is that it is a SYSTEM.  The inventors are fishermen and have pretty well covered about as many anchoring styles of small “river type” fishing  boats, from drift boats to larger sleds.  And in their Columbia River Anchor nest model they also offer a additional quick release that is a snap over hook as compared to a camlock.   The difference is on the anchor line when you get it out to your desired distance, you tie a loop in the line then this loop then is snapped into the hook that is rotated over center holding the line in place.   Jerk a cord on the hook release and the line goes free.   It also has a easily removed snap on lock pin. LeeRoy Wisner...

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Best Anchor Systems

Posted on Nov 6, 2014 in Testimonials

LeeLock Anchor Systems are by far the best on the market. LeeLock is so user friendly whether you operate a drift boat or you are using a power boat. Bill “SWANNY” Swann Swanny’s Guided Fishing

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Highly Recommend LeeLock

Posted on Oct 30, 2014 in Testimonials

I have several LeeLock products in use on boats in both Washington & Alaska. In a typical season I fish these boats over 250 days a year in our guided sportfishing operation. The LeeLock anchor units are extremely well designed and solidly built to last for many years. Their design allows for simple, reliable anchoring and the gravity drop cleat design makes them far safer than jam cleats or similar alternatives. Bob Ball, owner Piscatorial Pursuits Alaska/Washington Salmon, Steelhead and Halibut Fishing Soldotna, Alaska & Forks,...

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So easy to use

Posted on Jul 23, 2014 in Testimonials

I have been rowing a drift boat for over 30 years now. I have had many variations of anchor systems. After using your LeeLock Anchor System I will never have to try any other anchor system again! Your easy pull, and instant rope catch is so much easier to use than any other anchor system I have ever tried. I will continue to use this product that makes my drift boating day much more enjoyable. Thank you. Tim Juarez T & S Guide Service Tillamook,...

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Great Quality

Posted on Jun 6, 2013 in Testimonials

The LeeLock Anchor System is quality through and through; from machining to welds, this flawless unit is topnotch in every way. And it performs as promised, providing a sage, quick, and reliable, alternative to standard anchor chocks that invariably wear out and slip. I highly recommend this product for all your anchor needs! Greg Bush EZ Limit Guide Service Soldotna, Alaska

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