#QR-02 Columbia River Nest Quick Release


Release from your Columbia River anchor from anywhere in the boat.


This small piece of equipment will make a huge improvement in your day on the river. This Quick Release slides and then pins into either the #CRN-01 Columbia River Quick Change Anchor Nest (shown in 2nd picture) or the #CRN-02 Columbia River Bolt-on Anchor Nest once the anchor has been dropped. Simply use the same pin that was holding your anchor in the nest by placing it through the hole in the Quick Release. Hook your anchor line by way of a loop tied with a slip knot to the hook in the Quick Release. The pressure of the boat against the anchor will keep the Quick Release in holding position until the release line is pulled. With a line attached to the stainless steel carabiner ring you can pull the Quick Release thereby releasing from your anchor from almost anywhere in the boat without moving from your place.

No more running to the front of the boat, climbing through the windshield, releasing the anchor and then hurrying back to your rods. Release your anchor from exactly where you’re standing.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 3.75 × 2 × 2.6 in