#LMS-01 Magnum Skeg


The LeeLock Magnum Skeg radically improves performance and efficiency of bow-mounted electric trolling motors.

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The LeeLock Magnum Skeg drastically improves performance and straight line travel of bow-mounted electric trolling motors. The use of bow-mounted, electric trolling motors for salmon trolling is a game-changer. Not only does this Skeg improve performance, it makes bow-mounted electric trolling motors much more efficient. Your batteries will run longer on a charge. The LeeLock Magnum Skeg can be a vital part of your trolling motor system!

This oversized Skeg is made of anodized 5052 aluminum. The size is 8 3/4 inches high by 10 inches wide and it’s 3/16 inches thick. The anodization keeps the aluminum from corroding in fresh and salt water.

The LeeLock Magnum Skeg is available to fit most* 24 Volt and 36 volt Minn Kota motors (see dropdown). It comes with clear PVC coated stainless steel hose clamps. Call 360-380-1864 or write info@leelock.com if you have any questions about fit.

LeeLock is the only west coast manufacturer that produces an oversized Skeg for electric trolling motors.

*The LeeLock Magnum Skeg should fit all Minn Kota motors built with original skegs (fins) in the back of the motor with the exception of motors with Built In MEGA Down Imaging® Sonar, which is the large sonar unit on the bottom of the motor, not on the nose.

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 1 × 9 in

24 volt, 36 volt